Real-time delivery tracking system
Observable orderflow for you and for your customers
What parts our system consist of?
Dispatcher page
Organize your couriers accurately and time-efficiently
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Courier application
Make it easy for your couriers
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Order status page
Your customers can track their orders
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What does our system can do for you?
Organize your delivery cost-effectively
Helps you place orders on a map
Your customers see the status of their order live
Track your couriers live
Couriers can use Google Maps, Waze to see the optimal route to addresses
Calculate reckonings
Some features of our system
Dispatcher page
Simple, fast delivery organizing
  • Visual address placement on the map
  • Display the ordering stages
  • Simple courier ranking
  • Lap time calculation
  • Estimated returning time calculation
  • Departs and arrives courriers
  • Professional reckonings
Courier application
Simple, fast delivery organizing
  • Real-time GPS location sharing
  • Google Maps, Waze for any address
  • Automatic notifications based on location distance
  • Quick call button
Customer view
No more surplus calls regarding the orders
  • Follow the ordering and delivering process
  • Estimated arriving time calculation
  • Real-time courier monitoring
  • Accurate delivery calculation
Some of our partners
What are the requirements?
iOS or Android phones for your couriers
Internet 100
100 MByte data/month
Who uses similar solutions?
NetPincér Go
Uber Eats
How can I get this?
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1. Step
Sign up for a appointment here and our colleagues will get back to you with the details within 24 hours. No engagement here yet!
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2. Step
After the contract we send you the questions we need to build your website.
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3. Step
We configure and arm your courier system.
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4. Step
We educate your colleagues so you can start selling online.
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Additional services
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